Building Flywheels for Unstoppable Organic Growth

Andy Johns, Partner at Unusual Ventures and former Growth Leader at rocketships like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Wealthfront, joins us to share how to create an unstoppable momentum of organic growth via content flywheels.

Some of the fastest-growing products have artfully constructed a series of content flywheels, resulting in nearly unstoppable organic growth for years or decades. To put the power of a content flywheel in perspective, Reddit recently claimed 430M monthly active users – it’s 15 years old and still spreading its wings.

But how does one create such a platform? In this session, Andy will describe what the ingredients are, how they work, and what you can do about them in pursuit of building your own startup fueled by a flywheel. Specifically, Andy covers:

  • What is a flywheel?
  • The different types of flywheels and the key ingredients to make them successful
  • How to create a unique “hook” that pulls curious users into your product and establishes initial momentum
  • How to keep users engaged and keep coming back
  • How to make your users a source of repeatable organic growth
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when designing flywheels
  • Successful flywheels in B2B and B2C companies and what you can learn from them
  • How to balance between optimization and innovation to rapidly grow from early-stage to scale and IPO
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