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What The Tech Episode 44: “A true circular economy” with Amanda Horn of Loless Blue Beauty

What The Tech Episode 44: “A true circular economy” with Amanda Horn of Loless Blue Beauty

Paul Davenport

Amanda Horn is the founder of Loless Blue Beauty and a major player in Canada's Blue Economy startup ecosystem.

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Jason Terry WTT

At General Ledger Partners, Jason and his team offer bookkeeping, general ledger cleanup, and financial…

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State of R&D Benchmarks

The annual State of R&D Benchmarks Survey aims to unpack how businesses fared in 2023,…

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Venture capital concept. Dollar sign, arrow and gears.

As rough as venture capital activity may have seemed in 2023, there’s likely to be…

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What The Tech

Silicolabs is leveraging emerging technology to bridge the gap between Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

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Luba Lesiva Podcast

"It’s never been easy raise money,” as Luba Lesiva, Founder and CEO of L4C explains…

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What The Tech Episode 18: “Passion to weather the storm” with Elizabeth Miner

While fashion and beauty aren’t always considered industries on the cutting edge of innovation and…

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Top VC Terms every founder should know, Part 1

We’ve rounded up some of the trickiest and most consequential VC Terms that you’re likely…

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The Ultimate Guide to Non-Dilutive Funding in Canada

Canada provides a wealth of innovation funding in the form of tax credits and grants…

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How to keep innovating during an economic downturn

Learn ways to help your business not just survive, but also thrive during times of…

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Startupfest 2023: Founders & Innovators from the show in Montreal

Another week, another amazing conference for the Boast AI team and our Canadian friends and…

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